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Disconnct to reconnect

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Exploring 1:1

It begins with the foundation

Honing in on 6 principles that are fundamental to your health and well-being that are all within your reach, just a mindful choice away. Placing intention in these areas will grant you with life force energy to live every day with purpose and above all, truly connect with self.

Disconnect to Reconnect

A guide to realign with you with your true nature 

What does your momentum look like at this current time?

Do you feel like you are taking steps to truly honour your wants and needs? Or are you experiencing sensations that don’t necessarily have you feeling in alignment?


Sometimes it could feel like we are in the passenger seat rather than the driver’s seat of our own experience and the pace in which we are living is at a fast speed with the inability to decelerate. This is when we look at where we are spending our time and where we are placing our energy. It is where we look at disconnecting from what is not serving us, and (re)connecting you to a space where you can feel grounded. You are the creator of your reality - you, create your experience. Let’s (re)connect you with you and notice how slowing down can make you feel more present with yourself, your loved ones, and your surroundings.

Energetic Support

Reiki (pronounced ray - key) is a Japanese holistic, non-invasive deep relaxation treatment.

The effect of this treatment, which involves light touch or no touch, is to reduce stress, pain and tension while bringing a person’s system back into balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki treatments stimulate the body’s own innate wisdom to promote self-healing and recovery. It facilitates self-awareness and supports you on your journey to self and soul discovery.

As a certified Reiki Practitioner, my role is to become a conduit between source energy and the individual receiving energy healing; providing you with an experience that will ignite positive, loving and nurturing changes throughout your session and beyond.

energetic support
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